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+0800 123 4567

A producer of a mouthwash
Manufacturer of ecological products for oral hygiene

manufacturer of oral hygiene droplets


Find the child’s curiosity and creativity. At the same time, have the knowledge and experience of a professor.

manufacturer of ecological products for oral hygiene


The best ingredients only from proven and reputable suppliers.

toothbrush manufacturer


A product not only better than others, but different than all.

Where are we?

The NAKOIO company is located in Warsaw

From the 1990s to the present, Poland has undergone profound social and economic changes. It is the fastest growing country in Europe and one of the fastest growing in the world.

Poland is now a modern country with excellent universities and research centers, full of creative and creative people. Here new technologies and innovative solutions are created in many areas of life. We are proud that we can be a part of these changes and creatively participate in creating the future.