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ORTHOSEPT RED Classic Mouthwash




ORTHOSEPT RED CLASSIC medical liquid to wash and use within the mouth cavity.

Mouth liquid ORTHOSEPT RED CLASSIC is medically produced – not a cosmetic
CHX + CPC + Xylitol + Aloes + Provitamin B5

CHX (chlorhexidine) -antibacterial functions: bacteriostatic and bactericidal.
CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) – bactericidal and antimycotic uses.
Xylitol (ksylitol) – anti-decay uses
Aloes – accelerates the healing process, antioxidant and antibacterial features, reduction of facile plaque
Provitamin B5 (pantenol) – helps sooth chafing and irritation, moisturizing properties.

– bleeding, irritation of the gums and mouth cavity
– before and after stomatologic treatments (eg.: grafting of implants,extractions , scaling)
– parodontosis
– reduction and slowing the development of the bacterial plaque
– prosthetic and orthodontic pressure sores
– prophylaxis decay
– mouth ulcers

Doesn’t contain the following: SLS/SLES,parabens, alcohol,fluorine, sugar, triclosan.

The liquid can be mixed with water depending on the planned application:
– concentration CHX: 0,2% and 0,1% – as a liquid to use against and after stomatology treatments (eg.:grafting of implants, extractions, scaling), during the bleeding of the gums, during parodontosis, mouth ulcers and mycotic infections
– concentration CHX 0,05% – to use everyday against prophylaxis decay, against scaling, during ortodontic treatment, during pressure sores caused by wearing dentures.


I. Liquid CHX 0,2 % – without mixing. Wash the mouth for around 60 seconds – 2-3 times per day – after washing the teeth. Do this for 10 days.

II. Liquid 0,1% CHX – prepare the solution : 1/2 liquid and 1/2 water. Wash the mouth for around 60 seconds – 2-3 times per day – after washing the teeth. Do this for 30 days.

III. Liquid 0,05% CHX – prepare the solution: 1/4 liquid and 3/4 water. Wash the mouth for around 30 seconds – 2-3 times per day – after washing the teeth. For continuous use. Protection against decay and plaque.

Warning: For at least 30 minutes please do not eat or drink.

Capacity: 200ml
Packaging: bottle with a cap and measuring tape
Taste: mild mint

Composition: water, glycerine,hydrolyzed oxyethylated castor oil (Peg 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil),xylitol , aloe leaf extract, propylene glycol, aroma, pantenol, Chlorhexidine gluconate, CI 16255, cetylpyridinium chloride.